Perhaps you are an avid user of the Hollis Multi-Use trail system maintained by the Hollis NorEasters and would just like to donate to our club. Please use the button below to do so. Thank You!

Thank you for watching our story on Chronicle. The Brookline IceBreakers are happy to accept new members that enjoy using our trails. Brookline NH is a beautiful place to snowmobile, but also hike, bike, and more. By becoming a member your annual dues help us maintain the trails all year round and groom them in the winter months. 
Thank you.

FAQ's and Answers:

How do I get into snowmobiling?
- First, you'll need to buy a snowmobile. Craigslist is a great way to find a used one, but bring along a friend that knows a thing or two to look at them. A trusted source such as your local dealer is a great way to get going. Good snowmobile shops will often times give any used snowmobile they sell a good once over. You can always buy a new one too ;-)

I have trails on my property. Should I open them up to local snowmobile clubs?
- That's up to you. But if you enjoy trails that you can use year round and not have to maintain by yourself, YES! Not to mention that each NH property owner who signs on to open their trails to snowmobile clubs receives a $2 million liability insurance policy from the state for anything that may happen on their property. The snowmobile club will even sign your trails to keep people on the ones they are supposed to be on.

How do I get involved with my local Snowmobile Club?
Every area operates a little differently. Here in Hollis, you can join our FB group and/or email program and keep up to date with all events and work parties. Even if you're not a snowmobiler but enjoy using the trails, we're happy to have you. Joining most clubs is as easy as visiting their websites and signing up via an online form

I would like to become a trail groomer operator. How do I get involved?
- Well to start, it's best to begin going to your local club meetings and making friends. There is a groomer certification that you will need from the state of NH as well. You can find the NH groomer video and test online with Google. After you complete the test, you will need to go on some ride alongs and learn the practical side of grooming. You'll be out grooming trails before you know it!

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We encourage all Hollis trail users to join our club. The NorEasters maintain all of the town's multi-use trails for all seasons. These annual membership dues go directly to the trails. Membership ensures that you hear about all club news and get invited to all our great events.