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Why Join the Hollis NorEasters

The trails you enjoy year round are cared for by this club.

The Hollis Nor'Easters may be a "snowmobile club," but a good snowmobile trail starts in the warm weather. Club volunteers use their time and machinery to clean up after wind storms, build and maintain bridges, provide maps/signage, cut back brush, and place wood chips on rough sections of trail. 

While the Volunteer's time is free, fuel, materials, signs, and equipment are not. The Hollis NorEasters depend on annual membership dues to fund the 40+ miles of trails year round. 

Whether you are a hiker, biker, XC skier, snowshoer, equestrian, or any other type of trail user, we encourage you become a NorEaster member. The cost of $35.00 per year is a small amount to pay to maintain some of the best trails in southern NH.
Thank You 

​​How to register your snowmobile in NH

State registration is required to ride your snowmobile in NH. The cost varies for residents of NH and non residents, but one step is the same and very important. Prior to registering your snowmobile, sign up for a membership to a local snowmobile club such as the Hollis Nor'Easters. Your membership gives you a $30 discount per sled when you go to register your snowmobiles. This is a great way to make sure that a certain portion of your registration goes directly to the Hollis Nor'Easters to maintain the trails you love. When you sign up for a NorEasters membership, we will email you a voucher which you can take to these local dealers to obtain your snowmobile registration:

Hollis Pharmacy: 6 Ash St. (Route 130), Hollis, NH 03049    
(603) 465-7100   ​(across from the gas station)

RJ Motorsports: 433 Amherst St, Nashua, NH    (603) 595-8534 

Souhegan Valley Motorsports: 459 South St. Route 13, Milford, NH 03055    (603) 673-6007    (across from Chappell Tractor)

Amherst Motorsports: 355 South St.  Milford, NH 03055     ​(603) 732-4081