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The Hollis Nor'Easters are a non profit snowmobile club located just west of Nashua, NH. We pride ourselves in creating and maintaining some of southern NH's best multi-use trails. Starting at Silver Lake State Park, our trails reach out towards Brookline and Wilton and all points north. You'll enjoy great views and places to eat along the trails. You don't have to travel north for great riding. Visit the Hollis Nor'Easter's trail system and you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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  • Michael McLaughlin
  • John Mahan - Trail Administrator 
  • Jon Lavoie
  • Ed Cook
  • Mark Lambert

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Expanding and preserving the snowmobile trails of Hollis NH and beyond while promoting safe and responsible riding practices. 

Raising funds for charitable causes and maintenance of local trails.

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  • Newt Coryell
  • Doug Sattler
  • Chris Moulton
  • Joe Vallier - Trail Master

By joining a NH Snowmobile Club, you ensure that a certain portion of your registration goes directly to the trails you use. You'll receive a NH club membership voucher which will then save you $30 per sled that you register with the State of NH. 

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