The Brookline IceBreakers, Hollis Nor'Easters and Wilton Winter Wanderes have collaborated to produce the area's first regional trail map. 3 Clubs in one Map!

Parking - Rt. 122 & Plain Rd.

Parking - Mile Slip Rd (Milford)

Hollis Nor'Easters Snowmobile Club

Enjoy The Trails? Join our Club!

New Tri-Club Maps

The Hollis Pharmacy
Orde Farm
Souhegan Valley Motorsports
RJ's Motorsports, RPM Cycle
Brookline Citgo

NorEasters Logo

Amherst Motorsports
Chrysanthi's Restaurant
Market Place Diner
Wilton Mobil
Brookline Sunoco

Parking - Federal Hill Rd (Milford)

Hollis Trails Bulletin

  • Please obey all time limits on trails including daylight only trails
  • Remember that most all Hollis Trails are Multi-Use. Be Cautious on blind corners and hills.​​
  • State Speed Limit is 45mph, but our trails don't take kindly to that speed. Ride Safe!
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Parking - Silver Lake Park

Trail Status

Trails are currently open
winter was short lived in 2018 but we get one last run at it

We appreciate all our member and Business support. 
​And we can't thank our landowners enough!

let's all hope for a snowy 18/19 winter season!!!

Brookline Trails Bulletin

  • Please obey all time limits on trails. These are in place to appease Land Owner.
  • The official RT. 13 road crossing on trail 501 was relocated in 2012 South of the former crossing. Please travel slow in this crossing area. The trail is in a backyard and through a driveway.
  • ​No Snowmobiles are allowed in the parking lot at the old Big Bear Lodge. 
  • No Snowmobiles are allowed in the parking lot at Chrysanthi's, use the snow covered field.